Tuesday, May 12, 2009

World's Longest Running Event in Moss Landing

On it's way around the globe through seventy countries and seven continents, the World Harmony Run came to Moss Landing today! It is the longest running event in history with millions of runners carrying the torch for harmony over 25,000 miles. The non-profit run calls attention to wishes for harmony, peace and tolerance throughout the world. To support the run, the Captain's Inn provided the women's team with rooms for the night. The torch was carried right past the front of Captain's Inn and, was even carried by the innkeeper and dog Tara( for short ways). When taking the torch, you get to make a wish; innkeeper wished for a better world for todays' children. The group of international women runners were a joy to host. If you want more information, wish to run with the torch, or to give them support try worldharmonyrun.org.

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Papaha said...

Beyond the gracious generosity of hosting our women runners, Melanie also cooked up a warm, heart felt breakfast for two of us boys scheduled to run later in the day. Just a nibble of the fresh baked cinnamon scone assured you that the meal to come would be the perfect start to running through Aptos, Santa Cruz and beyond!

Thank you so much for enriching our run with such a cheery wholesome breakfast,

Papaha Jeff Gosline